Successfully Treating Autism

Successfully Treating Autism By Dr. Kathryn Taketa-Wong

A note about the doctor
Dr. Taketa-Wong is Hawaii’s leader in the medical treatment of autism. Growing up with a brother who has Asperger’s gave her a unique life experience. She understands the challenges that families have raising a child on the spectrum. Dr. Taketa-Wong works in partnership with her patients to bring about real, lasting improvement.

The term "autism" is sometimes misunderstood. It actually is not a disease. Rather, autism simply describes a set of characteristics and behaviors, in other words, symptoms. Since symptoms are what we see on the outside, they don't tell us much about their underlying causes on the inside. If we focus our attention on just treating symptoms, we can wind up going in the wrong direction. The latest research demonstrates that many of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders are linked to treatable medical conditions. When these underlying medical conditions are treated, patients' symptoms improve and can sometimes resolve completely. These conditions include: • Digestive Problems (e.g. acid reflux, chronic constipation, diarrhea, colitis, etc.) • Food & Environmental Allergies • Nutrient Deficiencies (e.g. B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, zinc, copper) • Metabolic System Disturbances (e.g. problems with liver detoxification, thyroid gland, adrenal glands) • Immune System Problems (e.g. recurring infections, autoimmune conditions, allergies) Dr. Taketa-Wong identifies these conditions by conducting a thorough medical history, physical exam, and by ordering specialized lab testing. She makes treatment recommendations customized to the needs of each patient and family. Autism treatments are science-based There are hundreds of research studies providing evidence that there are medical conditions associated with autism which may underlie the symptoms of these conditions. Click here for a full listing of journal references

Typical treatments that Dr. Taketa-Wong uses with autism: • Dietary & Lifestyle Counseling, including specialty diets to remove food allergens from your child’s diet • Doctor researched and approved supplements, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients tailored to each patient’s specific medical condition • Western and Chinese herbal medicine • Homeopathic medicine • Acupuncture for adults • Acupressure or Qigong Massage for children & adults • Pharmaceutical medications if needed Is Dr. Taketa-Wong a MAPS doctor?
Yes, Dr. Taketa-Wong has been trained through the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs and the Autism Research Institute. MAPS requires a 1-2 year long fellowship process, which includes mentoring, case write-ups and exams to ensure that physicians are well trained in the latest research when treating special needs children.