Read what our patients are saying:

"I first came in contact with Dr. Lori about 4 years ago. I knew just by speaking on the phone with her that she would be a great Midwife to help me catch my baby. And now with baby number three due I am so happy I chose her. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else. My whole family loves going to visit for care. When Dr. Ye came into the practice it was a huge asset as well. Both of these women are very knowledgeable, caring and make an amazing team! Finding good practitioners for your family can be hard. We are so lucky to have these women in our lives. Naturopathic and Midwifery care together gives the family and practitioner a better opportunity to bond. Having that bond is essential to getting the care that we all deserve.”

~The Cintron Family


Very blessed by all you have done for our family…you have improved the life quality of my father, my children, and me!!!”
— Kristie Duarte


“I highly recommend the experience of consulting and visiting with Dr. Lori Kimata and Dr. Ye Nguyen at Sacred Healing Arts. I suffered a brain hemorrhage on December 27th, 2003 and spent 7 days in the Intensive care unit. When I was released I realized that I had been given the Gift of a second chance at Life. I consulted with Dr. Lori and Dr. Ye and was educated about the importance of proper nutrition, use of supplements, gentle exercise, and relaxation techniques.

In addition, I went to Sacred Healing Arts for massages and even a guided meditation session. These days, instead of drinking beer and eating junk food, I drink smoothies and eat a more healthy diet. I take Yoga, do core swiss ball training, meditate and pray. I no longer “beat myself up” physically and emotionally.

At 39 years old I surf and skateboard better than when I was 29 years old and feel that I am able to live my life on a whole new level of awareness and understanding. I now realize that I was given a great gift in this lifetime. Dr. Kimata and Dr. Nguyen were both instrumental in helping me to become a more whole and healthy human being.”

~Ed DeLamarter


Dr. Lori and Dr. Ye treats you with compassion, warm smiles and a genuine concern for you and your health. They have a strong commitment to the community and provide a knowledgeable resource for those looking for a natural healing alternative.
— Monica Sjursen


“I had read Lori Kimata’s Partner Yoga book while living in New York. When my family and I moved back to our home in Hawaii I was having a difficult time dealing with the change and feelings of grief regarding my mother’s death.

Sacred Healing Arts was the place I found support and renewal in which Dr. Kimata and Dr. Nguyen provided compassionate holistic care through counseling, massage, nutritional education and energy work. Months after first meeting them, when my husband suffered a brain hemorrhage I found their guidance helped to balance our experience with the medical community. We learned “how to live again” and how to proactively be responsible for the health of our body, mind and spirit- after experiencing such a traumatic experience. My life is now more balanced and fulfilling. When my husband and I found out we were blessed with the pregnancy of our second child we felt excited and confident to have Dr. Kimata and Dr. Nguyen assist us with their Midwifery skills at a home birth.

At Sacred Healing Arts, my husband Ed, 4 year-old daughter Kathryn and I truly get competent, nurturing holistic care delivered with reverence and a sense of humor. I highly recommend the life-changing experience.”

~ Nancy DeLamarter